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Mar 29, 2013

Boyfriend's Varsity Jacket

Nothing beats the thrill of stealing your boyfriend's clothing. This item of endearment full of warmth, and most importantly, the clothing items sets you apart from your girlfriends.
The boyfriend blazer, the boyfriend (white) button down shirt, the boyfriend jeans is getting boring, as many fashion designers have created a same look for female size. The current favourite is the varsity jacket!
Great way to show off that you have a jock boyfriend.

Style Tips
  • Opposite attracts! Pair your dressy skirts, dinner clutch or girly dresses with them. And of course pair them with heels. You will be surprised with the final look.
  • To recreate the total STREET STYLE look, UP SIZE! Wear a size bigger. It will reflect the hey-look-i-wore-my-boyfriend-jacket-and-owning-it! Haha! Just, drape them casually over your shoulders.
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  1. Beautiful! Love the varsitys!!

  2. i would love to see your some updates on your facebook, just let me know your fb fanpage ?

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