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Jun 4, 2013

Yellow Spring

Nothing screams Spring as much as the bright, vibrant yellow.

Here, we loved how Daniela Ramirez paired her lovely & simple yellow skirt for an evening out by the lake.
She matched it with a lace top and nude shoes for that girly romantic feel.
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Style Tips
  • Play it down - Mellow Yellow! Match your outfit with the same color family; with pastel, nude / whites, earth tones. It balance out the center of attention.
  • OR try matching it with a lighter color for a calming effect. The main star color of your outfit only be YELLOW.
  •  Play with texture - match a plain skirt with lace top, or a full yellow skirt with a silky white blouse.


  1. I simply adore her style! She looks amazing every time! I love this skirt and the color is perfect. Great pot my dear xx

  2. love the color, so bright and good for Summer :)